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Forward-Phone-Number offers you just one service:

You can get new phone number from Forward-Phone-Number and make Forward-Phone-Number forward all inbound phone calls to destination phone number of your choice.

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Three Simple Reasons to Choose Us

Forward-Phone-Number offers convenient and cost-effective alternative to calling cards. You can purchase at Forward-Phone-Number a dedicated phone number in the country of your presence and forward calls from that dedicated phone number to a foreign phone number that you frequently dial. In difference with using calling cards, you will not have to dial a calling card PIN each time you make an international phone call. In order to make an international phone call, you can dial the dedicated local phone number that you have purchased at Forward-Phone-Number. The rates offered by Forward-Phone-Number let you save a lot of money. Web interface of Forward-Phone-Number allows you to change the phone number to which you forward all of the incoming calls.